"AR studios rocks! Warm, cosy and so god dam chilled!
Along with all the comfort, its professional.
The end product is amazing and we’re certainly chuffed with our recordings. Thank you Ryan, we shall be back soon for some more! Everyone needs to check this place out!
​Much love, The two boys of Harlequins."

"KinStrife recently recorded our first album with Ryan. He really made us feel relaxed and went out of his way to make our songs sound great. He keeps in touch and still offers us advice which is well received. Thank you Ryan"
- Alan Kaye, Kinstrife

"Recently recorded an EP with Ryan, and it was flawless. Ryan works like a champion, is one of the best in the business, and the results he produces are amazing".
- Rowan Armiger

"I've previously rehearsed and recorded here, great guy to work with and a good size studio space. Looking forward to working here more soon!"
- Brandon, The Archivists

"Fantastic studio, great vibe & Ryan the engineer really knows his craft! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an extremely high quality, recording / audio editing in a quick & affordable manner"

- Ty Walker, Session Drummer

"Really great place to record.
Great people who not only make you feel welcome but also guide you through the process if you are new to it.
My first time recording anything professionally and what a perfect place to start.
I highly recommend AR Studios to anyone wanting to record anything."
Harry Ball

"AR Studios is the quintessential recording studio, whether you're new to recording or a veteran studio artist. The level of professionalism there is unmatched, and Ryan goes above and beyond to bring out the best in your music."
Drew Iain

"What a great place and totally professional. Advice and encouragement handed out all weekend. I 100% recommend this place to anyone new to the scene and seasoned professionals alike. Thanks for a great experience".
Raph, Choked