AR Studios: Costs & Promotions

We were against specifying a set cost-list on our website, because we always try to accommodate the budget of our clients in the best way we can, but we figure a starting point is always good. Get in touch and we’ll try our best to help you achieve your goals.


A studio tour and initial consultation/quote is always free. 




£150 – 8 Hour Studio Day (+ £20 per hour after 8 hours)

  • A ‘studio day’ entitles you to total access to a producer and the studio facilities. This could involve recording and engineer, mixing, mastering, re-amping, etc – anything at all the might require the studio itself.

£20 Per Hour – Audio/MIDI Editing

  • At £20 an hour we can edit and manipulate your existing audio and MIDI files for you. This could entail quantisation/timing correction, vocal correction, virtual instruments, etc. 

£40 – Guitar Re-Amping

  • We can take your existing DI signal/recording and rejuvenate it with a more authentic sound. We can achieve the desired tone from your existing dry signal by running it through a wide selection of available amps and cabs on the studio premises. 

£25 – Drum Sampling

  • Using your existing MIDI/Recorded drum files, we can help you achieve your desired drum sound with high quality samples.


Complete Package – Single

Record, mix and master your single at AR Studios at a flat price of £100.

Complete Package – EP

Record, mix and master a 4-track EP for a flat price of £300

Vocal Recording 

If you’ve already got an instrumental track, record, mix and master your vocals to it at AR Studios for a flat rate of £35 a song. 





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